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Super Parties 101

Here are a few brief suggestions on how to get the most out of your party...



Set up an open space

All your performer will need prepared in advance is an open space for the activities – usually about enough room for each guest to spread their arms out-wide. If indoors, a living room or basement cleared of any coffee tables works best. Community centres, field houses or day care spaces also make for great venues for the show. 



Clean up toys and balloons

Extra toys in the room can distract from the games prepared for the show, so tidying them away before the performance can be a big help. Same goes for loose balloons bouncing around the space, which can absolutely transfix younger kids!



Turn off any Screens

Children can also be easily distracted by media, and it can difficult to recapture their attention once its lost. To ensure your guests receive the full value of the live performance, we suggest you turn off any TV, movies or video games in the room for the duration of the appearance.



Close off bouncy castles

It can be hard to coax children to stop bouncing long enough to participate in the show, so we suggest keeping inflatable castles and home trampolines be off-limits for the length of the performance.



Expect us exactly at the start time

Your performer will appear at your door, in costume and ready to begin the show, right at the beginning of the time you've booked. In the event there is any delay, you'll be notified by phone ASAP.



Tell us about unusual parking

To be sure that children don't glimpse the character driving around in a regular car, your performer will try and park out of view of your venue. However, if parking is hard to come by where you're located, let us know in advance to ensure your performer knows where to go.



Have an adult supervise

It can take more than a superhero to look after a party full of rambunctious kids! Putting on a show while also tending to the needs of a group of children can be a challenge. As such, for the safety of the kids and the performer, we request that at least one other adult be present in the room to supervise throughout the hour show.

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