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​If you have a question that's not so frequent and you don't see it below, let us know!

So how does this work exactly?
Just contact uwith a time, place and character for your party. We'll email you back with a quick booking form to fill out. Once you return the form, we'll send you an invoice. You pay, and at the agreed upon time and the agreed upon place, your superhero will arrive for a super party! ​​

How much is a party and how do I pay?
Superhero parties run $180 +HST, and Starfighter parties run $200 +HST. Payment is collected at least 48 hours in advance of the date and time of your party, via PayPal or Interac e-Transfer. See our pricing page for more info.

What characters do you offer?

Right now we carry; The BatThe SpiderThe Captain, The Starfighter (Light Side) and The Starfighter (Dark Side). If you're interested in a character not listed, contact us and we'll see what we can do! 

What do you do for the hour?

We entertain children with an hour long, interactive training routine full of guided party games, exercises and activities. For a minute-by-minute breakdown and complete list of these activities, check out our routines section. 

How does laser sword training work?

For Starfighter parties, your performer will distribute training swords (thin foam pool noodles) to all party guests for the duration of the activities, then teaches them moves with their own special effects sword When the training is complete, each guest will face off in a one on one duel against the Master to prove their skills. We do have to hold onto the training swords at the end of the activities. Parents sometimes elect to make their own, either as a party activity before our arrival. If you want to go that route, feel free let us know and we'll make sure to incorporate that into the performance.

How far in advance should I book?

Slots book up quickly! Try and book your party at least a month in advance to ensure your specific time and date. The earlier the better. However, we will always try and accommodate last minute requests.  

How many kids can I invite?

The more the merrier! We've successfully navigated parties of up to 30+ kids.​

Do you do french or bilingual parties?

No, unfortunately we only offer our show in English (nous sommes désolés!).

​What ages do you recommend?

Kids under 3 probably won't be able to follow along with all the games, and kids over 8 tend to get a little skeptical. That being said, we go out of our way to make sure our parties are fun for kids of all ages, from 1-100.

where do you offer parties?​

We make our way out to anywhere in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. If you're out a little farther than that, we may charge an additional travel fee.  ​If you're not sure if you're in range don't hesitate to ask!

What should I do to prepare?

Click here for a brief rundown of what you can do before and during the party to get the most out of your booking.

Do you accept tips?

We do! Tips are always super appreciated, but never expected. If you do decide to tip your performer, we suggest it be done discreetly at the end of the party as he makes his way out.

Why don't you offer any female characters?

Unfortunately we are a small team of only male performers at the moment, so we're only able to offer male characters.  That being said, all of our activities are entirely girl friendly and gender neutral, and we've done several parties for all girl audiences. In fact, most boy parties have more than a sister or two in the group, and they're often even more attentive than their brothers! 

Do you perform at public events?

Absolutely! We've performed at all kinds of events, from Canada Day celebrations to store openings to school fundraisers. For public events like these we usually offer a simple Meet and Greet styled appearance, where a superhero performer circulates amongst the guests, interacting with the kids and stopping for pictures along the way. However, we can also run the same superhero training routine we do for birthdays with a concentrated group of kids. Or we can run a combination, running brief games as we circulated the space. Very much up to you! 

Do you provide loot bags?

No, but we do recommend you check out The Lootbag Lady! Tell her we sent you for superhero themed bags...

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