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Ottawa Super Parties sends superheroes to entertain at your party or event! Our costumed characters entertain children with interactive training routines packed with party games, exercises and activities that bring out the superhero in everyone.

Founded in 2013, Ottawa Super Parties is the handiwork of a boy who grew up loving everything superhero and sci-fi as a kid...and never quite grew out of it. Now he's on a mission to pass on the wonder to the next generation. From movie quality costumes to screen accurate props, we make sure our characters feel like they walked right out of the silver-screen and into your home. Our performers know their superheroes inside and out and they never break character. We guarantee quality because we keep it simple; just the best superheroes Ottawa has to offer, performing live for your party.

So if you've been looking for something to add that extra KA-POW to your kid's birthday, you've come to the right place! Watch as we make your party super.

Owner Marcus Sullivan, seen here with sidekick. 

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